ERP Software for Material Testing Services

It is important that ERP software for material testing services offer a flexible and pervasive system that makes it easy to enter and analyze data. Project and document management functionality are also very important for managing quality and compliance initiatives as well as to support their standard business practices.

Companies that run testing services are constantly collecting and analyzing data, therefore; their ERP system must enable them to easily enter and report on data from one single interface and one central database.

It is also important that and ERP system for testing services be flexible enough to accommodate different types of testing environments, for instance; environmental testing versus equipment testing versus laboratory testing.

Despite there being many different types of testing scenarios and environments, the need for proper document management and project management is a common requirement. There must be a consistent and centralized location allocated for important information related to testing and certifications that is linked to appropriate items, accounts and projects within the ERP system so that the information can be retrieved efficiently when it’s required for audits and compliance reporting.

Exact ERP software provides testing service companies with one pervasive application that will streamline and automate all business processes throughout the organization. Data is stored in one central database making data analysis very simple and efficient. Exact Macola’s inherent document, project and workflow management mean that information is easily accessible and is catalogued and organized in the most efficient manner, specific to each business. It is a highly configurable solution so that each business can organize and monitor data specific to their line of business without customizations.

Features of Exact ERP software for testing services include:

  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Streamlined Data Entry
  • Quality and Compliance Management
  • Customer and Vendor Relationship Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • “Now we pull financial data and gain actionable intelligence from all our sites in real time whenever we need it,”

    - S. Irvin, General Manager, Global Sourcing, Atlas Material Testing Technology

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