Exact Synergy Enterprise Software

Exact Synergy Enterprise gives organizations the means to create and manage their business communities and processes.

As a single source of information, Exact Synergy Enterprise allows companies to anticipate earlier, react quickly, drive efficiencies, and scale up from individual tasks through to the entire global business community.

Every business is a community. Members of that community, including employees, customers, partners and suppliers, interact and communicate, make decisions, and produce information. If these decisions are not aligned, then processes are disrupted and competitive edge is lost.

Exact Synergy Enterprise brings together every individual, document and activity so that each decision and every action contributes to the flow of business. This makes collaboration a strategic part of your business community, where every resource’s effort is then magnified. Decisions are made quicker, information is circulated easier, and opportunity is responded to faster.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Centralize all customer information in one single digital client record including financial transactions, price agreements, contracts, quotes, invoices, social details and conversations related to specific products and projects.

  • Document Management

    Leveraging the information of a business has become as important as money for accelerating the growth of business. But fragmented information, whether located on laptops, file cabinets or in the memories of your employees, needs to be captured, organized, and made available when needed.

  • Employee, Customer and Vendor Portals

    Enhance efficiency and provide a consistent source of information to employees, customers, suppliers and partners using secure portals that allow users to see the information they need to perform their role as it relates to your business.

  • Human Resources Management (HRM)

    Many administrative tasks within the Human Resources department can be automated through electronic workflows and others can be put in the hands of individual employees with employee self-service options. Combined with robust reporting and analysis capabilities, HR can focus on developing and supporting employees rather than administrative functions.

  • Project Management

    Manage projects with a centralized solution that promotes consistency, collaboration and accountability. Anytime, anywhere access to information means project members are accessible regardless of their location ensuring results are delivered on time.

  • Workflow Management

    Configurable request types that companies can use to turn any action that occurs within their business into a clearly defined workflow with associated projects, documents, accounts, contacts, etc. The possibilities are endless and businesses benefit from consistency, visibility and accountability.