ERP Software that Meets Your Industry Needs

  • ERP for Engineering & Project Management

    Many engineering firms struggle with tracking and managing their company data via several different applications. This takes a lot of administrative time to make double entries and can leave the business prone to data entry errors and inconsistencies. It also poses a challenge when it comes to reporting and analysis of various Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

  • ERP Software for Food Manufacturing

    ERP for food and drug manufacturing should include functionality to support quality and compliance efforts as well as flexible inventory management and tracking to accommodate attributes such as multiple units, weights and shelf life.

  • ERP for the Plastics Industry

    ERP software for plastics manufacturers must be flexible and scalable to support specific manufacturing and business processes as well as the quality and compliance standards of the industries they serve.

  • ERP for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

    Exact ERP software provides industrial equipment manufacturers with robust project management functionality complete with customizable workflows and document management to accommodate their specific business processes from project intake to design and engineering change orders to quality/compliance requirements right through to final delivery and after sales service.

  • ERP Software for Electronics Manufacturing

    Electronics manufacturers are constantly challenged with producing leading edge technology and equipment while keeping costs competitive and meeting compliance standards. In addition, their supply chain is growing increasingly complex and inventory management is a constant priority to ensure on-time deliveries.

  • ERP for Construction Material Distributors

    Exact ERP offers construction material distributors 360 degree visibility into their operations, powerful reporting and analysis capabilities and comprehensive order and inventory management functionality allowing businesses to provide top notch customer service while reducing costs and increasing profitability.

  • ERP Software for Consumer Products Industry

    Exact ERP helps businesses in the consumer products industry to streamline their business processes from product design to delivery and everything in between. The software is flexible so that industry specific requirements such as compliance and quality standards can be managed and tracked easily and without a separate application or customization.

  • ERP for Metal Industry

    Harvest Ventures has helped businesses in the metal industry to reduce inventory levels, scrap while improving traceability and customer service.

  • ERP for Industrial Vehicle and Rolling Stock Manufacturers

    ERP for industrial vehicle and rolling stock manufacturers must support project based manufacturing processes to promote accurate quoting and job costing and facilitate the design process as well as supporting after sales customer service requirements.

  • ERP for Textiles Distribution

    Exact ERP software helps businesses in the textiles industry navigate the global supply chain by facilitating collaboration through portals, automated ordering processes and the ability to track shipping containers directly within the system.

  • ERP Software for Material Testing Services

    It is important that ERP software for material testing services offer a flexible and pervasive system that makes it easy to enter and analyze data. Project and document management functionality are also very important for managing quality and compliance initiatives as well as to support their standard business practices.

  • ERP Software for Service Depots

    Exact ERP provides service depots with an integrated system that is updated in real time so that as field service technicians enter their details into their mobile app, the office staff can see what has happened and respond appropriately.