Real Time Financial Views

Exact's financial solutions are specifically designed for small and mid-size businesses to achieve sound financial management, from a single general ledger to monitoring the entire enterprise.

Auditing and controlling with a single entry system both minimize errors and increase your ability to exchange accurate information for periodic output, data exchange, etc. Budgeting and reporting at detailed levels, in foreign currencies and in dynamic pivot reports take you from static to real-time financial management.

Business Benefits:

  • All financial transactions, including distribution and manufacturing, are processed and stored in one large transaction table, facilitating real-time financial reporting, as needed.
  • Exact solutions synchronize with Microsoft Excel, allowing you to generate overviews and make calculations by linking Exact information data directly to Excel.
  • General ledger links your financials to areas such as logistics and production & sales, giving you an integrated management information system.
  • Cash flow and credit management give you the payment behaviour of debtors via electronic banking, providing better insight into debtor balances.