Business Automation Tools for Views and Reports

Enhanced Multi-Level View

Item No.: B2800

Harvest Ventures' Custom Multi Level View BAT offers an extremely dynamic and custom viewing experience for the user.

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Enhanced Purchase Order View

Item No.: B2100

Harvest Ventures' Enhanced Purchase Order View utility allows the user to quickly, and easily, view the current purchase orders and efficiently monitor all of the purchasing that is accounted for at a warehouse level.

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Multi-Company Multi-Level View

Item No.: B2850

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Universal Data Loader Imports & Exports

Item No.: B1850

Import and export Macola tables to and from Excel with the Universal Data Loader.

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Crystal Reports Distribution Tool

Item No.: B1950

This utility allows multiple versions of Crystal Reports to be run from a single location, the organization of reports in specific menu orders, and can control report availability by a single user or user groups.

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Workspace for Workflow Detail

Item No.: B3600

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SSRS Inventory Management (IM) Package

Item No.: B3550

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Special Order Views

Item No.: B3500

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Additional Item Info View

Item No.: B3900

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