Vantage Point EDI for Macola ERP Software

Data Masons Software provides an EDI solution called Vantage Point EDI that integrates with Exact Globe, Macola 10, Macola Enterprise Suite (ES), and Progression (as early as v7.6.200).

The company has over 18 years' experience in working with Exact and Macola Software products and 34 EDI Delivery Experts with knowledge of Exact and Macola software.

Data Masons offers end-to-end transaction support, flexible service levels and there are no document fees.

Vantage Point EDI software has been implemented in more than 225 Macola client sites, it integrates with Macola's WMS (Warehouse Management System) and WiSys Warehouse Management System (WMS) with over 55 integrations to Macola and over 9000 trading partner documents available.

This fully automated solution means that less staff is required for tasks such as 3-way matching and order entry. Less data entry translates to reduced errors and therefore reduced chargebacks in addition to the savings from reductions in overhead. Because it is automated, users are notified of any exceptions that may occur within the dashboard and also via email. Reminders are also sent if an exception has not been addressed. An example of an exception could be an alert that a trading partner has not sent an acknowledgement for an order.

Some of the primary industries that Vantage Point EDI serves include:

Consumer Goods

  • Support for major retailers worldwide
  • Integration to Exact WMS and WiSys WMS
  • Built in compliance labeling and packing
  • Strong dropship solution for online retailers
  • Food and Beverage

  • DSD and VMI
  • Substitutions
  • Brokers and Groups
  • Itrade and Foodlink
  • Returnable Pallets - Chep
  • COOL Reporting
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing

  • Rebate reporting
  • Pedigree
  • Chargeback handling - IMANY interface
  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment

  • Forecast and Release Processing
  • Cum's Handling
  • Labeling
  • Line Sequencing
  • For more information about Vantage Point EDI by Data Masons Software, visit their website: